Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 2

OK, Jen here; my turn to "blog". Bear with me, it's my first time...

Today was the day that I have been worrying about since we booked the event... the Nevis High Wire bungy jump. 135m (440ft) of free-falling panic. We got up at about 6:30AM, by 8:30 we were on a bus to the jump site. There were 12 of us in the group. I was hoping to go last, but the jump order was determined by weight. For some reason they did not believe that I only weigh 50lbs.

The jump site is harnessed over a canyon with some cables, which is the picture above. We took a cable car to get there - that was scary part number 1. The actual place where you jump from is a little plank that you literally have to "shimmy" out to since your ankles are tied together - that was VERY scary part number 2.

The first guy got up, stood on the plank and immediately turned around saying, "no way"- scary. Mike was up next. He sat in the chair while getting his ankel harnesses attached, looking very calm and collected. Once hooked in, he shimmied out to the plank, took 3 deep breaths (scary) and dove off. It was crazy!! My hands were shaking and sweating just watching him. He got back on to the platform and let out a hearty hollar and yell in typical Mike fashion. He was in his element again and having a fantastic time. Well, he liked it so much he decided to go again. His second jump he kept his hands pinned to his sides so we would go faster and farther. Crazy. He loved it.

About 7 more people later it was my time. I know this place has a 100% safety record, but my hands were shaking so badly I had to keep them clasped together. They put me into the chair to get my ankle harness tied in. I was having major second thoughts. Now it was my turn to do the shimmy to the plank. I almost wet my pants I was so scared. My heart was thumping in my chest so hard, I could feel it in my ears. In my head I repeated the same thing I had been repeating all morning - look ahead; do not look down. We got to the end so my toes were hanging off the edge. The worst part about the plank is there is nothing to hold on to - no railing, nothing. Suspended over a canyon is a great place for a bit of a breeze. It was everything I had not just to fall. We started the countdown...3...2...1...Jump!!! I jumped... It was sheer terror, panic and pure adrenaline all mixed into about a 5 second free fall. After the 3rd recoil, you had to pull this rope that released the ankles from the bungy cord so when they pulled you up, you were head up instead of feet up. I think that takes us to scary part number 115. I got pulled up and made it back to the platform. My hands were actually shaking uncontrollably after the jump too. It was awesome - one of the best experiences I have ever had! ...and Mike was so proud! No princesses allowed in New Zealand!!

After getting back to Queenstown, we grabbed some lunch, then looked for the next rush. Nothing can compare to the jump, but we tried... We booked a Shotover Jet boat ride. This is like a 14 person jet ski. They cruise you up and down a river, whipping around rocks, speeding through narrows and throw in some 360 degree spins. It was pretty fun too.

After we pay the nice lady at the counter for the internet usage, we are going to jump in the car and see what the countryside has to offer.

We hope everyone back home is doing well! Amy - kiss Kota for me!!
Feel free to leave some comments so we know we are not talking to ourselves!!

Jen & Mike


Michelle said...

Awesome pictures! I'm sending your itinerary to my colleague in NZ to see if she has any suggestions for fun outings.

KT Renner said...

I think I am shaken from looking at the pictures of your jump. You are so brave Jen.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so brave to jump off a perfectly good platform. I knew Mike married you because you were adventurous but this has put a whole new meaning to that word!! It sounds like you are having a great time and a dream vacation. The pictures are awesome! I look forward to reading more about your trip. Mike - your mom sent me the blog site, hope you don't mind! Have a great time!

Foxridge said...

It does sound exciting but you guys are crazy!!! Be safe - We love you.

Debbie and Trent

Sherri said...

Wow, all that talk before I didn't think you would do it. But I suppose you wouldn't be able to live it down when I do it plus you would officially become a princess.