Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 10 (cont...)

So we made it up to Te Mata lookout, not that it was too tough we were able to drive all the way up. The views were amazing, we could see from the ocean to the mountains overlooking the vineyards in the valley.

While we were up there we were able to watch a couple of hang gliders taking off from the peak on some purpose built "runways". That was pretty cool to be standing on the tip of the hang glider while the guy ran off the edge of the mountain and caught the breeze to soar over the valley below. I have video of the take off but it would cost a fortune to upload it to this blog since I'm paying for Internet Access by the minute.

We found a couple of great lookouts at the peak and took some pretty cool photos of us sitting on the edge of the peak. Looking down you can see all the way to the valley floor some 5-6,000 ft down.

After that we walked around the town center of Napier. The art deco buildings were pretty cool. When they rebuilt the city the upper half of the buildings were the art deco the lower are the shops.

We found the local grocery store and got supplies for dinner and breakfast.

The hostel at which we're staying is the best one by far. They have great rooms, laundry, Internet, 300+ DVD movies we can watch, BBQ Grill, two kitchens and full facilities shower. Not bad at all for $52NZD a night.

We bought some small steaks at the store, some fresh asparagus, some Lindt's chocolate for dessert and a bottle of New Zealand Cab/Merlot. Best meal we've had in a number of days.

Hope everyone is doing well back home.

Mike & Jen


Rita said...

Hi Mike and Jen!
Another day in Paradise! Another new adventure! I cannot imagine taking a hang glider off the edge of a mountain runway the first time! The photo of you on the peak looks breathtaking.
Each day we look to see if there are new entries to your blog. I know you can't be doing that every day, but I wanted you both to know how much we are enjoying them!
Love, Mama

Mom and Dad said...

We are also enjoying your trip vicariously through your blog. Keep the pictures and comments coming! Went shopping with Amy at Whole Foods. Thanksgiving will be completely organic. Even the dogs get organic bones! We'll miss you at Thanksgiving.
Love, Mom and Dad

Craig said...

Hi guys - Thought you needed a Kota update (Mike, don't roll your eyes!!) Tonight he is looking forward to 5 days of not having to be in his kennel. Craig ceremoniously placed it outside with him cheering. He has been getting plenty of hugs. Yesterday he snuggled with me on the couch (snoring loudly under the warm blanket) and every morning he yawns goodbye as I leave and then snuggles back in with Craig!! We love hearing about your trip. The food and beverages in that region sound fantastic. Hugs and Kisses - Amy, Craig, Stout and Kota!!