Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 19

We went out to dinner with the two girls we met on the dive trip and swaped diving stories over pizza and a wine.

We slept in Cairns that night and got up to catch a shuttle bus to Port Douglas.

We've checked in to the Backpacker Hotel and we have rented two 50cc scooters to "scoot" around town on. They're pretty fun, it reminds me of when we rented scooters on our family trip to Cancun. Not very fast but fun to zip around on.

We're going to just hang out here; the town looks like it's ready to be over-run with the rainforest any minute. There are birds everywhere and it's hot and humid.

We'll catch the hotel's shuttle back to the Cairns airport in the morning and head back to Auckland for a two day layover on our way back to LA on Friday.

I'll get more photos up once we get back to Auckland, these smaller towns have pretty slow connections.

Hope everyone is doing well,


Mike & Jen

1 comment:

Rita said...

Hi Jen and Mike!
I can hardly wait for pictures. The town sounds so nice! Enjoy the heat and humidity...(Especially since we are having night time temps of 10 degrees!)
Renting scooters is a great idea! Gets you around everywhere more quickly.
Everybody is doing fine here. Grandpa is so happy to be back with his "honey."
If we try not to get a tree quite so HUGE, could you come over to help decorate? :-)
Love, Mama