Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 11

Hi there,

Thanks for the comments, it's great to hear everything is going well back home. Jen is very happy to hear Kota is doing well.

We drove today from Hawke's Bay today and made our way through Taupo to the Waitomo Caves area where we are going to try to get on a cave exploration adventure. The one we want is about 6 hours long (4 under ground) and should be nice and challenging.
We didn't plan ahead for this so we're trying to get a hold of the operator to see if there is room on the tour in the morning. It's not high tourist season so we think we have a good chance.

Tomorrow is Thursday here so we'll be thinking of Turkey and everyone we're missing while we're here. We'll just have to make up for it at Christmas. ;)

The place we're staying is just down the street from the tour operators, it's called Juno Hall and we have our tent set up outside with the rain fly off so we can see the stars. The weather looks good, nice and cool.

Sorry, no pictures this time. Another locked down PC.

Jen has picked up a stuffy head, so we got her some sinus medication. She's snorting some Vick's nasal inhaler in the hopes she can loosen it up by the time we get to the Barrier Reef. Not really a good idea to dive with a stuffy head, I've tried it's quite painful. If it doesn't clear up by tomorrow afternoon we'll get her some Sudafed, hoping that will do the trick.

Hope everyone is doing well,

I'll try to get to an Internet cafe in Auckland to upload some more photo tomorrow.


Mike & Jen


Craig said...

The cave trip looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for adding the links. Just wanted to wish Jen good health. Hope she is feeling better soon. It's no fun to be sick on vacation. We will be thinking of you two on Thanksgiving, actually, we will be wishing you were here to stir the rice!!! Lots of love!

Rita said...

Hi Mike and Jen!

The caving looks great! For diving I found the timed release Sudafed works well, although any version will make a big difference. I hope you are lots better soon, Jen!
Juno Hall looks like a beautiful place for camping!
I have enlarged and printed out your blog with photos so Grandpa, Kathy and Marian can see it.
Enjoy the warmth! Snow flurries are predicted for today, and down to 16 degrees tonight!
Love, Mama

Craig said...

Hey guys, it's Kota. Morgan came over for Thanksgiving today and I got so excited that I kinda threw up my treat. But it was on the kitchen floor and I made it outside for the rest so it wasn't too bad. I have been perfect in every other way though!! I miss you lots but I'm having fun at camp sundberg. Time to go run the circle with Morgan and Stout. Have fun.